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Today I decided something horrifying: Elizabeth was not the worst book or book series in the World of Sweet Valley that I have had the displeasure of reading.

No, folks, that honor falls to the worst waste of trees ever: Sweet Valley Confidential and its even more wearisome continuance, The Sweet Life. Which my mother bought me as a gift so I have it in hardcover. Hardcover! Of all the things to pay the price of a hardcover for! 

Yes, Elizabeth, with it's ridiculous plot and abrupt ending, at least had proper grammar and a vaguely more plausible storyline. It is always better to have two people that are NOT IDENTICAL TWINS to be in love with the same man. And at least the canon characters were recognizable. 

The nausea is coming back at the Jessica/Todd and Elizabeth/Todd overlapping story lines. And yes, yes, I know that Todd had dated both in the past but it really rubbed me the wrong way when he was sleeping with both of them at the same time as a PLOT in SVC. Somehow his middle school/HS actions offend me less. 

And now there is the news that Sweet Valley High? I think? (Why don't these people specify these things?) is turning into a graphic novel series. Oh please let them be taking the old stories and just illustrating them. I have been good this year. As usual, Francine Pascal says a confusing quote.

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Jan. 20th, 2017 11:45 am (UTC)
Elizabeth is still worse because we do not acknowledge that SVC and the follow-up exist. :p If Francine cannot be bothered to acknowledge anything that happened post book 21, then I don't have to acknowledge her craptacular failure. It does not exist! (Somewhere there is a universe where it doesn't exist, or it does but it was written by someone who isn't clearly insane. I would like to live in that universe.)
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