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Sweet Valley High "Lies": Notes

Lies came about after I wrote Luxken27 a SVH snippet for fandom_stocking. I had intended at the time for it to stand alone as a double drabble-ish work but both my rereading of the canon for the original piece combined with my irritation at how the storyline in SVH plays out and my desire for more SV fic on AO3 and FF.Net and in general led to me deciding to write a multichapter fix fic. This is what I gifted Luxken27: "I understand what you're going through," Steven said after a moment, eying Jessica with worried eyes. "And, I'm sorry about Sam." Her aquamarine eyes flashed with anger -- or maybe irritation, Steven wasn't quite sure -- but he doggedly persevered. "I lost someone that I loved too," he reminded Jessica, perhaps a bit forcibly than needed. "Remember Tricia?" Tricia, Steven thought ruefully, running his hands through his hair. The first woman he had ever loved, who had been cruelly taken away from him by her terminal cancer. He could still remember her kisses, the feeling of her hair against his bare skin...everything. It had nearly killed him when she'd died. "Your own sister didn't kill her," Jessica spat, a flash of nervousness briefly visible in her eyes. "You can't possibly understand." In Sweet Valley High #94 A Night to Remember, Jessica inadvertently causes her longtime boyfriend Sam Woodruff’s death in a car accident when she allows her sister Elizabeth to get drunk off of punch that has been spiked with -- no lie -- half a cup of vodka. Elizabeth is arrested on an involuntary manslaughter charge and is given a sham of a trial in #97 The Verdict. After #97, the series takes a course into absolute insanity by giving the twin sisters an “evil twin”, instead of at the very least making an attempt to treat the repercussions of 96-97 with any bit of realism or dignity. Therefore, Lies is my attempt at remedying this situation. In Lies, Jessica’s original actions are more dire than in canon. She spikes the punch with multiple bottles of liquor after she is rejected as Prom Queen and causes a three car crash which has multiple injuries and fatalities. Elizabeth and the driver of the first car [who will be revealed later] are mostly uninjured and booked in on charges. Sam accidentally implicates Elizabeth as the source of the alcohol due to confusion about who his girlfriend was. Jessica is all too willing to let her sister take the blame, especially because she has realized the rather poor life choice that she made out of spite. There are no evil twins. This entry was originally posted at http://mkrobinson.dreamwidth.org/20409.html. Please comment there using OpenID.



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